Workout of the week: Long intervals

To anyone out there struggling with the two-steps-forward, one-step-back agony of returning to running (or whatever your sport of choice might be), you’re not alone.

Patience, grasshopper.

The workout of this week was actually supposed to be the workout of last week. What I can see now through the lens of hindsight and a successfully completed workout is that I was being unrealistic about what was practical. What I knew then was that I had bailed on a workout and was PISSED. I had tried to move my interval workout day up to Wednesday from Friday last week because we were going to be away skiing and I knew a big workout wasn’t going to happen in the midst of a family ski vacation. Wednesday also happened to be a mere three days removed from the Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em 5k I raced the prior Sunday. The short story is that I tried the workout on Wednesday and bailed, and spent the rest of the day wishing we didn’t have to go skiing so that I could complete the intervals within that week.

Which, of course, is completely insane. I am not a professional runner. I do not get the benefit of free clothing or shoes or anything else. And as a non-professional runner I should enjoy the perks of my get-nothing status. Unfortunately (for him) sometimes it takes a swift kick in the butt from your husband to get over yourself and on with life.

Mission Ridge skiing: a cross-training workout

It ended up being a really fun couple of days skiing with friends. And despite the unwelcome time off last week, it’s been a great build-up week of training this week. My friends, a failed workout isn’t the end of the world.

So, here it is, the workout of (last) week, a week late. It’s a sh*tburger of a workout, one that might have you stressed for a day or two beforehand, and one that you eventually just need to take a deep breath and attack. Once you punch through to the other side, it’s a great confidence booster and builds a lot of strength.

1 x 1 1/2 miles
1 x 1 1/4 miles
1 x 1 mile
1 x 1200m

This is done entirely on the track, at 10k pace, following a good warm-up. Do some dynamic stretching as part of that warm-up to make sure you’re really ready to move. Take a good 4-5 minutes rest between intervals and work to maintain the pace. Enjoy!

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