The good, the bad, and the truly hideous

Y’all, I’m trying to keep it real around here. Things are not always sunshine and finish line medals.

The struggle is real. The body, apparently, would very much like the season to be done NOW. The season, however, has one more month to go. So I’m fighting the good fight and trying to keep everything together with duct tape and bubble gum. And these.


TOEssentials toe stretchers. I get plantar fasciitis in my arches from time to time, usually after a race, and it knocked me off of most of my runs last week. I’m balancing the fine line between being smart to keep an injury at bay (i.e. cutting down on the running), and maintaining some semblance of fitness for the culminating race of the season. So when my good friend Melisa told me about an elite who wears these regularly, I figured I had $11.95 to throw at the problem. They just arrived yesterday so I can’t speak to how they will work in the long-term, but it feels good to put them on. And they seem to be an extension of this awesome stretch that helps a lot:

According to the post on Breaking Muscle:

When you look at your feet, what is the widest part of your foot? It should be the ends of your toes, but for many of you it will be the ball of your foot. If this is the case, it means your shoes have squished your toes out of their optimal position.

The purpose of this exercise is to stretch the plantar fascia along the bottom of your foot, along with helping to restore the natural position of your toes. This exercise will also passively mobilize all of the joints of your foot and ankle.

The ends of my toes are definitely NOT the widest part of my foot. Perhaps TOEssentials are just what I need to set things right. I’ll keep you posted.

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