A race, a break, and a knock-out racing flat, part 1

We’ve just returned from a long weekend on the East Coast, visiting family and partaking of the sodden debauchery that is the Princeton University reunion. Of course, this being the 20th reunion, the “sodden” part (for us) came from the incredibly humid 92 degree weather, while the kids debauched on the bribes that flowed freely to ensure their continued cooperation. After this last stretch of training and racing, it also made for a nice 5 day break from any sort of working out.

We started at the Jersey shore…

A break on the Jersey shore

…visiting the best aunt in the world. Really. She is. I am an aunt, so you know I’m not handing out that title lightly.


We then made our way inland to Mike’s alma mater.

Let the indoctrination begin.

Let the indoctrination begin.

Colin curiously chose his West Point t-shirt for P-rade day.

Princeton P-rade

I wonder what he’s trying to say here?

And if you’ve spent any time on the Princeton campus, you’ll know this was the most important stop of the trip.

Princeton Hoagie Haven

Breakfast of champions

Because who doesn’t want to eat a 18″ cheesesteak for breakfast?

Then it was on to the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia City Hall

And an awesome couple of days with our cousins.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

I didn’t exactly win the family lottery, so fun trips like this one with the family I married into mean a lot to me. I don’t enjoy running while on vacation, especially not when traveling into the grips of an east coast heat wave. I use the time to take a break from the normal routine and take advantage of what the local culture has to offer.

Bagel break

Jersey bagels, baby!

And then, just like that, it’s back to the hamster wheel. This morning dawned with a nine mile shake-out run, kids to shuttle to school, and dogs to pick up. It was a great break after a great race, which will be covered in another post…

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