Michelob Ultra Seafair Pirate (Torchlight) 8k

If racing, for you, is all about having fun, then get out your calendar and add the Michelob Ultra Seafair Pirate Run to next year’s schedule. This was my first time running this race and it’s a blast. Literally. The Seafair Pirates lead things off with a shot from their cannon. 

Seafair Pirates

Then the race runs along the Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade route, which means that you’ll feel like a real athlete with cheering spectators high-fiving you through the stretch. It’s a gradual downhill along 4th Avenue, into a steep downhill on Seneca. 

Seafair Torchlight Run Seneca Street

I took it out conservatively knowing that it starts heading uphill once you hit the turnaround on the Alaskan Way Viaduct. I’m not sure that there is a cooler stretch of race course than this.

Seafair Pirate Torchlight Run Viaduct

In retrospect, I might have made better use of the downhill section. Especially since it wasn’t until the Viaduct that my shoe came untied. Yep, apparently there was one shoe that didn’t get double-knotted. Thankfully the timing chip held it on enough that I never actually had to stop.

Seafair Pirate Torchlight Run Viaduct

If you’re not preoccupied with other things, this is the view you get to enjoy.


Coming off of the Viaduct brings you ever closer to the hills that lead into the finish.


I was definitely worried about the last big one, the one that takes you from Western Ave. back up to the Seattle Center. But that’s the gift of training on Bainbridge – even in Seattle the hills aren’t all that bad. And in the end, a 29:24 8k was good enough to win the women’s race. The first place prize is this cool Michelob Ultra Trek bike. 


My son is already campaigning to claim ownership. He will be riding a bike to school next year and I’m sure they’ll love the beer advertisement that comes with it.

Next up… a brief hiatus for a pack trip into the wilderness (those who know me know how HILARIOUS this is), then a 10k or two in August. Happy running!

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