Gluten-free Cheese Rolls

I’m about to give you the keys to the baking kingdom. Gluten-free bread rolls with no yeast, no waiting for dough to rise, and no cooking or baking skills required? It’s possible.

Gluten-free Brazilian cheese rolls

But that’s not what this post was supposed to be about. This post was supposed to be about my triumphant (in the spiritual sense, not a presumption of victory) return to racing at the Mercer Island 10k over the weekend. It should have been a story about running a solid, though early-season race that built confidence for the races I have coming up over the next two weekends. How this 10k set me up for April 3rd’s Carlsbad 5000, a big race for which I’m traveling to California the weekend after next, and the 1500m this coming weekend, at which I’m hoping to run a decent enough time to qualify for the masters exhibition race at the Olympic Trials in July. I love a good plan and it was all coming together until I went down with a mild flu type of thing last week. And all I have from my experience on Mercer Island on Sunday was my boat-ride home, about 2 hours too early.


If we didn’t live in the rainiest part of the galaxy, it would be more obvious that this is the sunrise over downtown, as captured from the 8:45 a.m. boat back to Bainbridge.

I went over for the race, tried to warm up, and still had undeniable body aches from being sick. Thankfully it was bad enough to cause shooting pain with every step, so I didn’t have to make any sort of excruciating decision, and as it turns out, I ended up with my first DNS (did not start).

But on to happier things. This is a Brazilian cheese bread, Pão de Queijo, which is made with tapioca flour, and therefore gluten-free. There is a great explanation and recipe at The Kitchn here. I first made these last week at work and had to recreate it at home for my bread-loving children.


These are amazing. First of all, there are only six ingredients. Six! Even the busiest of us can muster six ingredients. Then there is the final product. These are chewy pillows of cheesy goodness. And gluten-free to boot. Try to eat just one. You can’t.

Gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread

When I went to make them at home, I had no parmesan cheese to spare, but plenty of extra cheddar. Being too lazy to go to the store, I went with the cheddar. It made my rolls a bit more dense than the original version, but still pretty good. I recommend parmesan, but if you’re in a pinch cheddar works too. Try this. It’s fast, your friends will think you’re a genius baker and your kids will love you forever.

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