“Fried” pizza rolls and workout of the week

I am completely fried. Well done. Hopefully not to the point of totally burned, but I guess that remains to be seen. Not a good state to be in two days before the Carlsbad 5000, but here we are.

The kids are a school day away from spring break and I couldn’t make another school lunch for all the money in the world.

How did I get here? Could be the 1-2 combo of racing the 1500m last weekend at the SPU Doris Heritage Distance Festival and the killer workout that I squeezed in on Wednesday to allow for some rest before Sunday’s race.

I haven’t raced a 1500m since college. This isn’t even 4 full laps on the track. On paper I should have been ready for another race that very same day. But, as often is the case with physiology, things don’t work out neatly like that. Racing a 1500m is an all-out sprint for me. It’s taking off at top speed from the sound of the gun, and doing everything to hold on for 3 3/4 laps. I eked out a 4:56.42 – not bad, but will it keep me in the top 12 by the time the Trials qualifying window closes in June? We’ll see.

I was still beat by the time Wednesday rolled around, but there was a plan. Plans need to happen. That’s the way the universe works. Wednesday’s workout was a 3-round challenge set of 800s and 400s that went like this:

800m @ stretch 5k pace (which for me was 2:45 or faster, or 17:00 5k pace)
Rest 3:00
400m @ :80-:82 (also 17:00 5k pace)
Jog 400m
Repeat 3 times

I’d love to run under 17:00 but this workout was a huge eye-opener. I was barely holding on to that pace for two laps. How do you stretch that out to 12 laps? Anyone? I’d love to know.

With all of that going on, and a flight to California early tomorrow morning, decent meals around here are falling by the wayside. The kids don’t seem to care, especially when you come up with “fried” pizza rolls.

Fried pizza rolls

Baked, for when you’re fried

Make no mistake, this isn’t some earth-mother wellness meal to nourish the family inside and out. This is a knock-down, drag-out, I’ve-called-for-pizza-one-too-many-times-this-week meal. Sure, you could make it healthy, but that might be doing it wrong.

Here’s what you do. First, you take stock of your refrigerator. I had leftover spaghetti sauce (homemade, thanks to my half-Italian husband), leftover salami, and some shredded “Mexican mix” cheese (there was some sort of white cheese mixed in there – close enough). Maybe you have leftover pizza dough in the freezer from the last time you made homemade pizza dough (cue laughter), or maybe your local grocery store carries fresh, pre-made pizza dough in the deli section. Trader Joe’s even sells a whole wheat version for higher achievers.

Anyway… get yourself some pizza dough and roll it into a 3/4″-thick rectangle. Spread some sauce over the top.


Add your cheese and desired toppings.

My crust is two-toned from a remnant scrap of whole wheat dough

My crust is two-toned from a remnant scrap of whole wheat dough

Then roll up like a jelly roll and cut into 1 1/2″ thick slices.


I lined my baking pan with wax paper, but the rolls stuck to the paper, so I think you’re better off greasing the pan, then sprinkling cornmeal over that to keep the rolls from sticking. Line them up with enough space to account for the rising dough, but close enough that they bake together a bit.


I baked mine at 400°F for about 40 minutes. Ovens vary (as does the patience of hungry appetites) so they’re done when they’re puffed, set, perhaps a little browned, or once your family can’t seem to wait for dinner any longer.


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