Bananas for Yonanas


Do you like frozen treats and immediate gratification? Have I got the product for you.

We ordered this little number a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the stretch of 90+ degree days that hit our region. It is a replacement for the 15-year-old Krups ice cream maker that I rendered useless last year when, in a fit of cleaning, I threw out a small, but crucial, piece of the machine.  I had always had issues with the amount of planning needed to make a batch of ice cream in it anyway. Freezing the bowl for a full day really takes the fun out of eating ice cream. I mean, when you want ice cream, you want it NOW. Not 24 hours from now. 

Since I’m unwilling to shell out $500 for a compressor-based machine (though they do appear to be on sale for $272 on Amazon right now), which would eliminate the need to freeze the bowl, I looked into other options. And came up with the VonShef. For Amazon’s sale price of $29.95, I was willing to take a flier. 

It’s more blender than ice cream spinner, and if you are really hankering for true ice cream goodness, this is not your answer. But if you have kids like mine who are more interested in the frozen, sweet, and immediate aspects of their summertime dessert, or want a healthier, guilt-free alternative, then I can’t think of anything better.

The way it works is this: freeze pieces of fruit. (OK, yes, this DOES require some planning ahead, but once you start, you can keep a stockpile of it in the freezer.) Note: bananas work well and give the end product a nice creamy texture, but be sure to peel them before freezing.


Then feed the fruit through the chute.

And voilà. Dessert! The instructions call for frozen fruit, but I also experimented with frozen yogurt, chocolate chips, and caramel sauce and they made it through the machine without much trouble. My very complicated frozen yogurt recipe:

Take plain yogurt, whisk in sugar to taste, then freeze in ice cube tray

One of the best things about this is that the kids can make their own dessert. And it’s even healthy. And both of those things go a long way in this house. Other reviewers complain about the noise of the machine. Which isn’t nothing, but compared to the typical racket around here, is not so remarkable. The last (and possibly very best) thing about this machine is the clean up.

It breaks down easily into four large pieces, none of which could be mistaken for a piece of a kid’s toy and thrown away. Ahem.

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  1. I love your blog. And now I want frozen banana ice cream. What time should I be over? *listens closely for the sound of this magical new machine whirring*

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