Camaraderie in Racing? Yes, at a national championship.

Is it possible to have camaraderie in racing? Or does it need to be a battle? If racing in 2016 taught me anything, it’s that I believe in the former. And here’s why. Misery loves company I spent last weekend at USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in Tallahassee, FL. I have to admit to […]

Scenes from a cross country season

I just blinked and three four weeks went by. What happens to time at this time of year? Life takes off at warp speed and before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving. The local cross country season has come and gone, wrapping up last weekend at the USATF Northwest Region Open & Masters Cross Country Championships […]

Sundodger Invitational and how to race cross country

The leaves are changing. The rain is falling. So, you know what that means. It’s time to shake off that summer funk: cross country season begins again! I opened my season on Saturday at University of Washington’s Sundodger Invitational. It was a Northwest cross country kind of day at West Seattle’s Lincoln Park with rain […]

XC Club Nationals team champions: it takes a village

Apparently 6 weeks of taper is not enough to be a disaster. Team gold and individual silver tell that tale. Club nationals is in the books, and all I can say is that I love my team(s). All of them. It took a lot of people to get me here and none of this could […]

The great CrossFit experiment of 2015

How do you talk about a running injury without sounding like an annoying narcissistic whiner? It’s impossible, just ask Mike. So I will sum up the current state of things by saying that the foot is still unhappy, I’m missing so much training that it seems impossible to salvage any semblance of fitness for Club […]

PNTF Cross Country Championships

Let’s get down to the real reason to run a race at Woodland Park, or anywhere in the general Greenlake vicinity. Three words: Blue Star Cafe. Yes, there’s the personal satisfaction of pushing yourself to the limits, the thrill of competition, blah, blah, blah. But really, it’s about the bacon. And the killer Bloody Mary […]

National champion.

You guys. This kind of thing doesn’t happen for someone like me. Someone like me psyches herself out before a big race even starts. Or gets weak when the going gets tough. I cannot believe I got to break the tape. It was one of the hardest-fought races I’ve run. These ladies were tough. Only […]

It’s cross country season!

T-minus one week until the first race of cross country season. It’s the sport I love to hate. What is cross country and how does it differ from other types of distance running? On the face of it, it really shouldn’t be all that much different than the road races I enjoy. For women, it’s […]

Back in the saddle: Sundodger Invitational

There comes a time when you have to get back on that horse. Oh wait, not that horse. That one. I took a nice long spring and summer break from racing, hard training, and much of social media. I’m not going to lie: it was really great. I hadn’t realized how much mental space all […]

One more week

I have one more week to keep my shit together. One more week until USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in Tallahassee, FL. One more week of workouts, one more week of a year’s worth of planning, preparation and focus. I’m finally in the homestretch and I’m not sure that I’m going to make it. […]