A 1500m PR in the Brooks PR LD3

The last time I gambled I lost $80 playing the walnut shell game in Times Square. You know, the scam any idiot, especially a college student in her third year of living in New York City, should have known better to avoid.

Watching this now though, how can you afford NOT to do it? Everyone’s winning!

Which is a long way to say that I am not no longer a risk taker.

And therefore, was not super excited about rolling the dice on this weekend’s Ken Shannon Invitational track meet at the University of Washington. What I really wanted to do this weekend was run Bloomsday in Spokane. I raced it last year and had a fantastic experience. But with fewer opportunities to get my time down in the 1500m, and a good race at the UW, I had to ditch my Bloomsday plans. Instead, I took a gamble on whether or not I could even get into a race at Ken Shannon. As it turns out, I made it by the skin of my teeth.

Ken Shannon Invitational heat sheet

My seed time of 4:56 from the Doris Heritage Distance Festival last month had me ranked 16th out of 17 runners. That’s not a lot of wiggle room considering they were only going to run one heat of the race.

The great thing about being 16th out of 17 is that there would be a pack of runners to follow and plenty of runners who are faster than me. I was hoping they would pull me through to a sub-4:50 time.

Husky track, Ken Shannon Invitational

How cool is that Husky purple track?

They pulled me through to a 4:41.34
. I’ve mentioned before that this is not my optimal distance. I’ve never had shorter distance speed, not even as a collegiate runner. But I’ve been working on it over the past few weeks, on the track and in the gym, and was really excited about that number. I’ve never run that fast in my life; my best college time was a 4:52.

I definitely could not have done it without my coaches, training partners, and these Brooks PR LD3 track spikes.

Brooks PR LD3

You know what has changed since 1992? Spike technology, apparently. Before today, I had been wearing the same track spikes I had worn in college. What can I say? I am a total cheapskate and figured that a spike was a spike. Why buy a new pair of shoes when I have a perfectly serviceable pair in my closet? It didn’t seem like it would make a difference. Oh but I was wrong. The Brooks PR LD3 are lighter and faster than their 24-year-old compatriots and thanks to Brooks and Club Northwest, I’ve had the opportunity to see that for myself. They’re giving me a little gear this year.

Brooks gear with Brooks PR LD3

That’s Christmas in April right there

And opening me up to the possibility that there might actually be gear that is worth the investment.

After yesterday’s race I’m feeling a little more secure about my seed time for the Trials. But we wouldn’t be racers if we didn’t want more, right? I’m gunning for you, sub-4:40. Good luck to everyone at Bloomsday today!

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    • Thank you my friend. And on an unrelated note, I was so psyched to hear you’d be back here this summer. Can’t wait!!

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